• Molly Wharton

Minimal Stylish Nursery Decor

1) Rattan Mirror A great stylish statement peice if your thinking of keeping the walls plain this gives some detail. Find me on amazon

2) Book shelf No doubt you'll be buying your baby lots of books, these open shelfs keep everything looking tidy and becomes part of the decor Find me on amazon

3) Breathable Rust colour baby blanket A great find having a soft breathable baby blanket in a nice colour his rust colour is on trend right now and can be hung the side of the crib to add a pop of colour to the room. more colours are available. Find me on amazon

4) Fox Teddy Find me on amazon

5) Printable baby hand & Foot print Kit Having a personalised peice of art work in the room really makes it feel personal and special. Im so glad we did ours and it can be something you keep forever. Find me on amazon

6) Customised Baby name puzzle Find me on amazon

7) Zoo animal plant pot - Giraffe Find me on amazon

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